Sekamui Update (3/25/2019)

Approaching the first quarter’s end of 2019, I thought it would be best to provide an update on the blog in its current state, as well as reflect upon the past three months of writing. I also want to outline plans for the near future in order to provide the greatest level of transparency.


To start, I wanted to highlight a few changes that were made to the blog that were significant:

  • There is no consistent deadline or schedule anymore: posts are released at the point they are complete.
  • The layout and aesthetic of the website has been updated. My primary aim was to clean up the navigation and provide a better viewing experience on mobile.
  • “My Favorite Games of 2018” was the longest post I ever published (5646 words). While this is an outlier, posts have increased in average length, and I expect it to remain this way.
  • I am now open to suggestions and requests for stories! Contact me if there is an idea that you might have, and I will consider writing something.


Writing in Review (1/1/2019-3/25/2019)

On the whole, I am satisfied with the current state of the blog. After writing the personal character study for Bakugo in August, I unintentionally took a five-month hiatus from writing, simply because I lacked the motivation to write in the first place. Now currently out of university on a gap semester, it provided the catalyst to undertake creative writing again, and the process has become easier ever since.

At the moment, I currently have The Golden Globes and the Integrity of Animation pinned to the top of the blog. This is because it allowed me to explore a various amount of topics pertaining to the field of animation within the context of the awards season, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and the stigma of animation as a children’s medium. While there are a few areas that I always believe can use improvement in the writing, I remain proud of this post. Therefore, pinning it to the top serves as a constant reminder of the writing aspirations I have for the future.

It quickly inspired me to revamp an earlier post (A YouTube 3×3) into Sekamui’s YouTube Spotlight. The main objective was to not only express interest within a set of content creators, but actively highlight their qualities and provide quick access to view their work. While I cannot access the number of people who interacted with the links, even knowing that I could have influenced one person to merely check out one of the channels is a great feeling.

I also chose to venture into some brief political writing about the anticipation of the 2020 presidential scene. This is effectively the first political post that I published on the blog (though prior blog posts have included political elements), and it exists as a testing ground for a different style of writing. If enjoyed by enough people, I am willing to provide more content in this vein.

And as gaming remains the hobby I maintain the greatest passion for, I published three posts related to it in a row: Kingdom Hearts III is a Beautiful Mess, The Game Price Myth, and My Favorite Games of 2018. While this was the case, I hope this trend can be an exception rather than a pattern. I love gaming, but I hope to schedule out posts in the future to ensure that I cover a variety of topics in a certain time frame.

Finally, the two posts for the month of March were a bit different, because both were inspired by topics that were requested! Why Alita: Battle Angel and Captain Marvel are Worth Comparing was inspired by a request to highlight Alita: Battle Angel, and I chose to incorporate the discussion around Captain Marvel into the post in a manner I thought was appropriate (and maybe subversive?). In addition, Briefly Looking at the 2020 Presidential Candidates came from a request to provide thoughts on the current lineup of 2020 presidential candidates. While I was hesitant at first to provide commentary due to the presassumptions about my political affiliation, it actually turned out to be an enjoyable process that I look back upon positively. Therefore, I am ecstatic to receive and listen to additional requests in the future!



There are two ambitions that I have in regards to the blog that I want to inch towards. The first involves audience engagement: I am hoping to foster an environment where readers are encouraged to leave comments and opinions. Not only does it provide a means of discussion between other individuals, but it opens up an avenue for feedback. On my end, I want to ensure that I am receptive to feedback of most kinds, especially constructive criticisms. My approach remains that improvement is always within reach, and I want to continually provide the best writing that I can output.

The second goal is the inverse: interacting with other creators and writers. I also remain guilty in my inaction, and it only provides more benefits to communicate with other people so that I can improve and establish new connections with others. While this likely does not have a tangible impact on the content of the blog, it will be personally fulfilling in the long run.


Future Plans

Contrary to the impression that I may have provided, activity on the blog is going to be a bit less frequent throughout the month of April. In fact, I only have plans to publish one piece of content on the blog for the entire month (Hint: this ONE post will be 100% worth it).

There are a few writing endeavors that I want to focus on for at least a month, and I believe the optimal environment involves removing the pressures of maintaining the blog in some capacity. In the meantime, I will continue to be open to more requests for ideas! By the beginning of May, I should return in full swing with more frequent updates).

On another note, I also want to begin another side project that I have aspired to fulfill, but never got it off the ground: either a YouTube channel or podcast series. I do not want to promise anything concrete, but the month of April will be the ideal time to explore these avenues.


And that’s it!

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to provide it through any means that you find convenient, and I bid everyone a great rest of the month and beyond!




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